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C29 High Output LED Headlight Conversion Kit (NO SHIELD) | H13

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Model #: DUAL BEAM: H13
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  The key to a long lasting LED of any type is proper thermal properties. Keeping the LED cool is crucial as heat kills LED's.  Over the years we have evolved and improved the quality and dependability of our LED headlights many folds, but the C29 is by far the brightest we have ever made!  To go brighter we had to ensure that we could dissipate that heat load created by the 65 watts of power on each lamp.  To do this we turned to copper as copper transfers the heat twice as good as raw aluminum. We created a monolithic copper plate that carries from on end to the other where the fan can cool it, but it's not a regular copper plate.  This copper plate has large rod like sides and a flat area in the middle for the PCB and LED's to mount giving it an "H" like profile.  More copper equals more thermal transfer resulting in a lower operating temperature for a longer LED lifespan. Even the name "C29" came from the atomic number of Copper.

High Output LED Headlight Conversion Kit for Automobiles. 11,000 Lumens Per Each Light. 65 Watts of Power, Rated for 50,000 Hours of Operation. Our Crisp and Clear Lights are for Off Road Use Only.

Perfect for Ford Super-Duty and JEEP JK! As a matter of fact we designed the 2017+ LED conversion kit specifically for the new Ford Super-Duty headlight.   All other LED headlights will be very splotchy and create intense hot spots and dim spots.  This is not an ideal beam pattern.  Not ours!  Our C29 LED bulb will provide even light output that will be brighter than the OEM offered LED package


  • Plug and Play - Easy Install
  • Copper PCB With Two Large Copper Rods for Superior Thermal Transfer
  • Raw Lumens: 11,000/Each Lamp
  • Stable Design Provides Over 5 Years of Continuous Usage
  • Operating Voltage: 9~32V DC
  • Wattage: 65W/ Bulb, 130W/Set
  • Instant On/Off, No Warm-Up
  • 50,000 Hrs. Lifespan Including Fan
  • 3570 CSP LED Chip Reduces Thermal Resistance
  • Electroplated Base Material
  • High Definition Reflector for a Clear & Even Beam Pattern
  • IP67 Waterproof Rating
  • Designed for: High Temperature, Temperature Shock, Vibration, UV, & Humidity
  • Color Temperature:5500K (Pure White)

  • (2) LED Headlights
  • (2) Drivers
  • Instructions

    Disclaimer: For Off-Road use only.  These lights  fail to conform with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety (FMVSS) Standard No. 108 “Lamps, Reflective Devices, and Associated Equipment.” The bulbs exceed limitations on luminous flux set forth in the standard and may cause increased or excessive glare for oncoming drivers.



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