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LED Lights Strip Lights Switch Wiring Guide Electrical

Normally Open vs Closed Switch

What is the difference between normally open and normally closed switches? Let Plash make it easier for you with our explanations and examples of each! 

Haynie Sea Foam LED Boatlights Brightest Striplights Decklights

How to Install LED Strips Lights

Just got new LED Strip Lights? Not too sure how to install them? Let Plash Light show you! We offer specifications and installation guides for each product.

Custom Boat Lighting LED Striplights Flexible Waterproof Brightest

Customizing Your Boat lights

Ready to step up your marine lighting game, let us help! Our wide selection of marine lighting will bring you to a whole new level of illumination, safety, and fun. Check out Plash Lights today!

Plashlights LED Underwater Lights Waterproof Saltwater Resistant

Benefits of Underwater Lights

Are you a nighttime fisher? Let Plash Lights take your experience to the next level with our underwater LED lights. Check out our selection today!

Light requirements for a boat at night

What Lights Are Required On A Boat At Night?

Not sure what lights are required on your vessel? Especially at night? Let PlashLights help you and supply you with all your marine lighting needs! 

Plashlights Offroad Lightbars Hunting

Choosing the Correct Wire Gauge for your 12V LED Lights

Deciding on the correct wire size for your lighting project is very important since a wire that is too small can overheat and possibly start a fire.  Plan your project.  Do it Once, Do it RIGHT! Th...