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While there are already several lights required on a boat for safety reasons, Plash Lights likes to have a little more fun and offers great options for customizing your boat lights. Lights such as floodlights and spotlights are important to have especially when navigating the waters at night, but our products would take your boat lights to another level. 

Our marine lights selection include:

  • Accent & Deck lights: This is a terrific option for illuminating the walkway, deck, and storage compartments on your boat. They let you light up your deck the way you want to without seeing the light source.
  • Underwater Lights: Our surface mounted transom lights are a nighttime fisherman's dream. They are reliable and extremely bright. Many boaters are concerned about having to drill a hole under that water line but with our surface mounted transom lights you will only need a small hole for the power wire maybe 3/8" and with the use of a reputable marine sealant such as 3M® 5200 there is nothing to worry about.
  • Marine LED Light Bars: These boat LED bars add an extra level of safety to your boat, allowing you to see the channel markers, anchored vessels, and anything else in pitch-black conditions. Our SRX2 Series light bar has a crisp cut off line so that no light goes down, therefore eliminating the possibility of the light reflecting back.
  • Spreaders: Being fully prepared for any type of situation is critical when boating, meaning no cutting corners when choosing your marine lights. Our high-quality spreader lights are extremely durable, waterproof, saltwater rated, and won’t drain the boat's battery. Their long-lasting abilities will leave you feeling confident in your lighting choice.
  • Handheld LED Spotlights: This product is functional and practical for any kind of boater or fisherman. Our handhelds will offer your great LED quality light and the control to point it exactly where you need it. 

How to Install LED Lights on a Boat?

After choosing which way to start customizing your boat lights, it's vital to know how to install them. Sometimes that means calling a marine service professional, but it could also be a DIY project for those who have electrical experience. On top of our Marine lighting, we also offer lighting accessories:

  • Amplifiers
  • Switches
  • Flashers
  • Power Supplies
  • Power Wire
  • Mounts

We want PlashLights to be the place where you can get almost everything you need for your boat lighting. When it comes to installing our lights, we want you to be safe and efficient, so if you need help please ask for it, this way your new boat lights properly function. 

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If you are looking to level up when customizing your boat lights, contact Plash today! We are here and ready to light up your world. 

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