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Welcome to PlashLights, the Ultimate LED Performance Lighting Company. We’re your one-stop shop for the best products that illuminate your motorized vehicles and harsh environment areas. Whether you’re shopping for your center console fishing boat, golf cart, bass boat, RV, or for your new truck, we have all the lights, mounts, and accessories that you’ll need to customize the lighting on your vehicle. Choose from a variety of light styles, color options, and more. If you have any questions or would like assistance choosing a product, we encourage you to contact us. An experienced PlashLights team member is standing by.


Specifically made to project the light on the horizon and not on the bow of your boat.  There is a crisp cut off line where no light shines down from the bottom of the light bar.  Efficiency is the key here.  The light is where you need it and not where you don't.

See comparison image below:



At PlashLights, we provide our customers with a wide range of boat lighting products for all types of boats including pontoon boats, bass boats, center console fishing boats, aluminum boats, wakeboard boats, kayaks, airboats, offshore boats, ferries, work boats, and many more. We offer everything from marine LED light bars and LED spreader lights to flexible LED light strips and underwater transom lights, plus the marine accessories such as bluetooth RGBW controllers, marine silicone, RGB & RGBW power wire, and more. We have everything you need to illuminate your boat and its surroundings. Boating safely is our goal and with our lights your safety and the safety of your passengers is well protected from the accidents that the unknown can cause. Our products can be installed easily on your boat’s T-Top, grab rail, burn bar, casting platform or even underwater on your transom.

PlashLights' marine rated LED lights take recreational and work boat lighting to another level. With our durable and long-lasting products, you can fish or boat all night long and safely navigate waterways. Most of our products are designed and/or assembled in the USA and we back everything we manufacture with a lifetime warranty.

No matter if you’re a recreational or professional boater, we have everything you need! Shop our extensive collection of marine LED lights and other boat lighting products today.

Robert Brown Jr.

Customer Testimonial

Awesome Products: The brightest lights I have ever had on my boat: Stephen was really helpuful.Thank you guys!!!


We use high quality LEDs for maximum color vibrancy, longevity and color rendering. We pay more for our LED components, and you'll benefit
from the difference. This is not a commodity product.

Quality matters, and the materials, controls, connections and tech support we
provide will make your project successful. We provide detailed
installation instructions, design criteria and technical support upon request. Recommended installation procedure is to be fully embedded in clear silicone .

Wide Viewing Angle

This popular LED strip light has 60 very bright LED triplex nodes per meter.  It's very bright and completely waterproof.  It fits perfectly in many different types of applications such as under boat gunnels and decks, on pontoon boats, outside patios and bars, under vehicles, and
even in pool houses. Made from the same material as a baby pacifier so you know it will last and it is so dense you could drive over it. We are proud to offer the world highest quality LED Flexible Light Strip..

Bodaciously Bright

Fully UV protected, extremely flexible. Fitting them to your vessel or vehicle is not a problem at all


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