BocaTech Dual Smart Mini LED Switch Programmable/Resettable

Sale price$150.00

Bocatech continues to innovate with the introduction of its new Smart Switch which is completely programmable by the user at 5, 10, 15, or 20A DC. The new switch is resettable like the award winning Resettable Mini LED Power Switch. It includes a battery monitor with a low battery visual alarm. The Smart Switch can be factory customized with expansion plug-ins that allow the user to create endless functions.

Dual Smart Mini LED Power M2CKT Switch
A short press will select between the blue light (channel 1) and the red light (channel 2). A  long press of either selection will deliver power to the selected channel for the duration of the press


Stainless steel 316
IP67/IP44 Rated - waterproof
Ignition protection
Programmable @ 5, 10, 15, 20ADC
Available in 12 or 24V
Various color LED rings clearly indicate status of power
Dual channel up to 20ADC each
Current sensing
Visual alarm - optional audio alarm
Bi-color LED
Built-in battery monitor
Used in marine and automotive systems
The LED can be read in direct sunlight
Vibration-resistant mechanism

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