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12V Black Light UV Waterproof Flexible Light Strip - IP68

Black UV

Looking for black lights for your fishing boat? This is a high output waterproof black light, and it will cause white and light-colored items to glow ("fluoresce.") Black light is frequently used for: Halloween decorations, amusement parks and haunted houses, artistic purposes, such as illuminating artwork with bright white, hot pink, yellow and lime green detecting counterfeit currency and driver licenses, curing plastic resins; therapeutic and diagnostic medical uses, attracting insects.  Ultraviolet 400nm led strip is also known as near ultraviolet, Ultraviolet Type "A" (400-315nm) long wave, or black light led strip. When illuminated UV led strip light will emit some visible violet light.  However, do not judge the brightness of this strip with your eye, as a large portion of the light output from the uv strip is invisible to the human eye.

  • Excessive exposure to high power ultraviolet light may be hazardous.
  • Black Light UV (400 nm wavelength)
  • Cast Monolithically with protective guard over power wire. Not Injected into an extrusion.  That style will crumble and break, ours does not!
  • UV Rated - Will NOT Yellow in the Sun.
  • Great for Night Fishing!
  • 72W @ 4.4A
  • 12V DC Input
  • 9ft Black Insulated Power Wire (red & black internal wires)
  • Includes clips for fastening and end caps if you need to cut it down
  • We recommend embedding in silicone for 100% adhesion

    Flexible light strip