18AWG RGB 4 Conductor Wire - 150ft. Spool


  • Designed by boaters for boaters.  This wire is made to ensure that the lighting added to your boat stays as bright and dependable as when you first envisioned it.

    • Single exterior jacket with 4 interior 18AWG primary wires independently insulated (Black, Red, Green, Blue)
    • Electro-Tinned Copper that is Oxygen Free for maximum corrosion resistance
    • Stranded wire for ultimate flexibility
    • Voltage Rating: 300V
    • Temperature Range: -4°F to 221°F
    • CEA-2015 & BC-5W2 Marine Compliant
    • Exceeds automotive SAE wiring requirements
    • Meets ABYA and US Coast Guard specifications
    • Sold by the Spool - 150 ft.
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