How To Increase Your Boat's Top Speed On The Water: Part 2

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marine led light stripsIn part one of how to increase your boat's top speed, we talked about understanding the visual cues of your boat and choosing the right propeller.

In part two, we'll talk about your boat's engine setback, weight distribution, and high-performance steering systems. Here are a few more tips on how you can get your boat to reach its fastest speed on the water.

Consider installing an engine setback or jack plate

If you don't have a manual or electro-hydraulically adjustable engine setback or jack plate, it may be a good idea to have one installed. An electro-hydraulically adjustable engine setback allows you to make quick changes on the water.

These small changes can help to compensate for the load conditions and changing water to help your boat move faster. 

Check the weight distribution on your boat

It's understandable to want to keep a lot of your items on your boat, but the additional weight could actually be holding you back from going your top speed.

Get rid of the items on your watercraft that you don't need and store them in your garage at home instead. When you reduce the weight and the gear on your boat, you'll maximize your speed and bow lift.

Inspect your steering system

For your boat to go at its top speed, you need to first make sure you're able to drive the boat. Check your steering system to make sure it's been properly adjusted and there's no slack. Additionally, your engine ought to be securely mounted to the hull.

Other tips to reach your boat's top speed include installing a foot-control throttle, jack plate, trim-tab controls, and remote-mounted power trim.

Don't forget your marine LED light strips

Whether you're going fast or slow on the water, you want to be sure other boaters can see you and you can see them. A sure fire way to make sure you're seen by other boaters is by using marine LED light strips on the side of your boat.

Up to 95% of an LED is recyclable, including marine LED light bars. And nearly 100% of the energy that's consumed by the LED light is converted directly into power.

Whether you're looking for waterproof LED lights for boats or RGB rock lights, Plashlights has you covered. To learn more about our marine LED spreader lights, contact Plashlights today.

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