Benefits of Underwater Lights

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PlashLights offers so many types of marine lighting, that level up your boat lighting.  We wanted to share some of the many benefits of underwater LED  lights we have. They have recently become more popular in the boating world for their benefits such as:

  • Night fishing 
  • Improves water clarity
  • Low power draw
  • Longer lifespan
  • Visibility - Being seen is being safe!
  • Standing out from the crowd

Overall, our boat transom lights can not only step up your fishing experience, but can also bring more fun and entertainment to a nighttime cruise on the water.  I like to always reming people that being seen at night is critical and if you are lit up then other boaters will be aware of your location.

What Color Lights Attract Fish?

Nighttime fishing has always drawn attention from fishermen because the best times to fish are dawn and dusk. So as the interest in the activity grows, so does the need for fishing lights or night fishing. By submerging these boat transom lights you can attract plankton that smaller fish live off, along with minnow and shrimp too. The increased presence of baitfish will also increase the amount of game, or predator, fish there will be. 

So now that you know that installing underwater LED lights can make your fishing trip more lucrative, now we can share what color lights attract fish: 

  • Green: A common opinion among fishermen is that green fish lights attract a larger amount of fish. This may be because green has one of the shortest wavelengths, which allows it to penetrate the fresh lake water, or other types of waters, more easily. Green lights can make the water look clearer. While green is the fisherman's choice be careful as the color green is designated as a starboard sidelight by the US Coast Guard.  Having your green underwater transom light on while underway may result in a ticket.
  • White: This color light has similar effects as the green fish lights. Attracting more baitfish and predators over a blue or red light. The downfall of a white underwater light is that it may make the water glow brown if there is sediment.
  • Blue: Most common for recreation boater as it provides a complimentary glow to a white boat and makes the water look tropical.
  • RGB:  If you  can decide on a color then RGB is for you.  RGB stands for red, green, blue.  With the addition of an RGB controller you can change the colors and functions of the light.  It is important to note that an RGB light is typically 1/3 the light output of a single color so you may want to add more of these to reach the light output level you desire.

A tip to remember is to anchor your vessel first. That will keep the bait shift closer to the submerged underwater LED lights, keeping the game fish close as well. 

Transom Lights Products

Because the underwater LED lights are fully submerged, there won’t be swarms of bugs in the boat, just the baitfish underneath it! They are also cooled by the water which has much better thermal properties than air. Most LED underwater transom lights require a minimal power requirement so they can stay on while the motor is off. A typical transom light can last for us 50,000 hours of use and are made from either 316L stainless steel or carbon fiber, meaning you will rarely have to worry about replacing them. 

Don’t plan your next fishing trip without checking out our selection of RGB Poquito lights, RGB Grande, drain plug lights, and Epik underwater lights. Contact us today to get your hands on some of the best underwater LED lights on the market. 

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