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Ultimate Golf Cart Lighting Kit


Light Up Your Golf Cart with the Brightest Multi Color RGB LED Lighting Kits. PlashLights Ultimate Golf Cart Light Kits that Fit any Make & Model.  Easy Installation. Plug and Play Connectors. Bluetooth® Controlled.

Roof Kit includes a diffuser so that it is a constant glow.  Not "dot dot dot".  It must be cut to fit with scissors at the support brackets.  The roof lighting does go in the front as it will blind the driver.  It is meant to go from passenger front support bracket and clockwise around to driver front support bracket.

***ROOF KIT DESIGNED FOR STRETCH PLASTICS ROOF*** This type of roof has a "C" shaped aluminum channel that faces inwards around the perimeter of the roof.

See images for items included.  3M tape is included on the under glow lights, but that is only meant for a temporary hold.  GT-2100 silicone (sold separately) is recommended for permanent adhesion. Please call us if you have any questions.

NEW: Optional Key Fob Remote Control Switch for ON/OFF Function.  No need to run a wire to the dashboard when you can use this key fob switch. Included with this key fob is an inline fuse to protect your lights, 9ft of power wire, and battery terminals for easy installation.

* We are constantly improving & modifying this product.  Actual items may differ from images.

** Please contact us if additional lights are required as max is 12A.

Ultimate golf cart underglow kit

Superior quality