The Problem With Ethanol: Prepping Your Boat For The Cooler Season

The Problem With Ethanol: Prepping Your Boat For The Cooler Season
marine led spreader lightsAugust is here, which means summer is drawing to an end and cooler weather is creeping in. It's good to soak up what's left of the summer sun while you're out on the water. But it's also important to begin thinking about preparing your boat for winter.

One of the most important parts of winter prep for boats is managing the potential for engine damage. Potential engine damage typically comes from one place and that's your boat's gas.

Ethanol Vs. Your Boat

The gasoline in your boat is an ethanol blend. While filling up your tank before storing a car for winter may be a good idea, it's not such a good one for your watercraft.

When stored for long periods of time, the ethanol in your gasoline can damage your boat's engine. This is also true of motorcycles.

To keep ethanol from causing issues for your boat during cooler months once you've brought your boat into storage, consider adding fuel stabilizer. Pour fuel stabilizer into your boat's built-in gas tank until the tank is almost full.

When was ethanol added to our gasoline?

Ethanol was first added into gasoline in 2005 after the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) was signed into law. The standard was later expanded in 2007. The law requires biofuels such as corn ethanol to be blended into gasoline.

Unfortunately, research from the University of Tennessee has found that ethanol-added gasoline may not be better for the environment as we had originally hoped. In fact, studies show an over-reliance on corn ethanol in gasoline may actually be worse for the environment overall.

That said, while ethanol is still blended into our gasoline it's important to make sure you're taking the necessary precautions when storing your boat this winter.

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