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Wiring Harness - 2 x 120W (up to 20" bar or equivalent)

For an easy installation a wiring harness is a Must.  This harness will save you time and money during installation.  Comes with 12VDC relay, battery terminal connections, in line fuse, red illuminated rocker switch (requires a 3/4" hole to be flush mounted), and 19 ft. of wire (from the relay: 9ft to each light (2 strands), 9ft to switch, 1ft to battery).  Ideal for ATV's, UTV's, & Auto's.  For marine application it is generally best to have a custom one built.

***There is a waterproof connector on the end of the wire going to the light that our Backlit and DR-Series Light bars connect to. For all other lights you will need to cut off the plug and make up that connection.***

  • Illuminated waterproof switch
  • Includes relay and fuse
  • 19 ft in length (2 strands 9 ft from relay to light, 9 ft to switch, and 1 ft to battery
  • **Connectors can be cut to make harness universal
  • For connecting two (2) lights