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EXT-Series Waterproof RGB Amplifier - 10A/CH

Waterproof RGB Amplifier can be used with any of our RGB LED Controllers to extend the number of the RGB LED Light Strips or Bars connected to it. RGB-EXT Series waterproof three channel RGB amplifier is required if exceeding the maximum load capacity of the RGB controller.  Increases the load capability and extend the signal of the universal RGB controllers. 

To simplify, the RGB controller (sold separately) is the brain.  It creates the program, function, and color and tells the lights what to do, but it can only control or operate so many lights.  That is where the amplifier comes in.  It takes that output from the controller and amplifies it so that you can run more lights. 

Example: Think of a long fishing pier with RGB Strip Lights under the handrails.  The power supply and controller are on land and the lights extend out 100ft, but every 32ft the must be re-powered (amplified) to maintain the signal and not fade.  An amplifier would be required every 32ft.

If you have any questions about the placement and usage of our RGB-EXT Amplifier please do not hesitate to contact us.


  • Supply Voltage: 12~24V DC
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Working Temperature: 0°F~140°F
  • Maximum 10 Amps per channel / 30 Amps total
  • Over voltage or short circuit may harm amplifier
  • Requires power input & RGB PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) input.  Output is RGB PWM.