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  • The Feniex 4200 Mini is the perfect controller for anyone.  Whether it's for your POV, plow, or Police cruiser, there's nothing this controller can't handle.  Uniquely, the 4200 Mini is waterproof!  With the features and price tag this light has, there's no reason not to have one!  It's compact, affordable, and incredibly effective.


    • 2 year Manfacturer's Warranty
    • IP-66 water proof system
    • Input Voltage: 11-16 VDC
    • 7, back-lit, push-feel buttons
    • 6 programmable outputs: 3.5 Amps
    • Integrated 2 channel wigwag flasher
    • Includes 50 standard function labels
    • Implements 6 rugged, solid state relays
    • Includes surface mount and swivel mount bracket
    • Dimensions of controller: 4" L x 2.75" W x 0.75" H
    • Compatible with all other lighting and vehicle equipment
    • Ability to program buttons as: On/Off or Momentary
    • Color coded back lit LED's (Bright Green for ON/ Dim Green for OFF)
    • 30 day return policy


    mini-4200-buttons-top.pngFeniex 4200 Mini Size

    Included Brackets:

    Feniex 4200 Mini BracketsFeniex 4200 Mini Brackets






    Programming Instructions:

    1.) Setting button as momentary:
    • Press the “On/Off” button to turn the system off.
    • Press and hold the desired button you wish to program as momentary.
    • Continue holding the selected button while holding down the “On” button for 3 seconds. A beep will sound when programmed.
    • The button is now set as a momentary button. To reverse the function, repeat the steps above.

    2.) Setting wig-wag functionality:
    • Press the “On/Off” button to turn the system off.
    • Press and hold buttons 1 and 2 simultaneously.
    • Continue holding buttons 1 and 2 while holding down the “On” button for 3 seconds.  A beep will sound when programmed.
    • You have now enabled button 1 as the “On/Off” for wig-wag and the button 2 as the pattern select.
    • To reverse the functionality, repeat the steps above.

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