12V Cool White 5050 Flexible Light Strip - IP65

PlashLights (18.2)


Cool White
  • This popular LED strip light has 60 very bright LED triplex nodes per meter.  Available in any color with no hot spots, the 5050-60 line is perfect.


    • Cool White ( 6500° Kelvin) CRI = 85+
    • IP65 semi-waterproof
    • 12 Volts DC @ 72 Watts (300 Diodes)
    • Length: 16.4 ft = 5 m.
    • Width: 0.49 in = 12.5 mm.
    • Height: 0.16 in = 4 mm.
    • LED spacing: 0.66 in = 16.7 mm.
    • Cuttable in segments.  Cutting increment: 1.97 in = 50 mm.
    • UL, RoHS
    • 50,000 hours expected lifetime

    No Ultra-Violet emissions (except for the special UV version), so it won't harm your art or documents.  We use high quality LEDs for maximum color vibrancy, longevity and color rendering.  We pay more for our LED components, and you'll benefit from the difference.  This is not a commodity product.  Quality matters, and the materials, controls, connections and tech support we provide will make your project successful.  

     We provide detailed installation instructions, design criteria and technical support upon request. Easy to install: High-adhesion sticky back on non-waterproof versions.  Just peel off the wax paper and stick it to any clean, dry substrate. 

    Great for: Restaurants, lounges, casinos, homes and retail stores; Decorative and accent lighting; Downlighting and uplighting features; Edge lighting glass or acrylic plates; Lighting art or accent pieces (no UV emissions); Egress lighting; Entertainment centers and home theaters; Trade show exhibits; Wine cellars; Under cabinet lighting; Architectural models and doll houses; Coin-operated machines for vending and amusement; Vehicular accent lighting for limousines, RV's and cars; Yachts and cruise ships; Arts and crafts; Lots of other things—use your imagination!

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