12V Amber Waterproof 5050 Flexible Light Strip

PlashLights (18.2)


  • This popular LED strip light has 60 very bright LED triplex nodes per meter.  It's very bright and the waterproof version fits perfectly in many different types of applications such as under boat gunnels and decks, outside patios and bars, under vehicles, and even in pool houses.  Available in any color with no hot spots, the 5050-60 line is perfect.

    We use high quality LEDs for maximum color vibrancy, longevity and color rendering.  We pay more for our LED components, and you'll benefit from the difference.  This is not a commodity product.  Quality matters, and the materials, controls, connections and tech support we provide will make your project successful.

    We provide detailed installation instructions, design criteria and technical support upon request.  Waterproof version will need to be embedded in a silicone or marine adhesive (i.e.. 3M 4200 - not provided).  Waterproof version comes with 20 rubber tie downs if you buy the complete reel, plus 2 caps for dead ends, plus 2 caps for the live ends.  You get those accessories with full-reel purchases only.  

  • Specifications:

    • Amber (595 nm wavelength)
    • IP68 waterproof
    • 12 Volts DC @ 72 Watts (300 Diodes)
    • Length: 16.4 ft = 5 m. Width: 0.49 in = 12.5 mm. Height: 0.16 in = 4 mm.
    • LED spacing: 0.66 in = 16.7 mm.
    • Cuttable in segments. Cutting increment: 1.97 in = 50 mm.
    • UL, RoHS
    • 50,000 hours expected lifetime
  • Dimensions Coming Soon

  • Instructions Coming Soon

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