8 PCS LED Grill Stobe Kit - Clip On


Size Guide

  • PlashLights Emergency Grill Strobe Kit comes with control unit, switch, and 8 housing containing 2 LEDs each1 Watt LED that is great for both night and day usesRequires no drilling, clips on to the fins of the grillePlease compare the dimensions of the housing to the desired installation area to make sure the housing fits into the grille. Compatible with:All vehicles equiped with a 12 volt DC power source.Additional Features:8 different selectable strobe patterns with a push of a button.Flash pattern memory that will turn on to the last pattern usedSuper bright 1 watt LED that are great for daytime or nightime usesRocker on / off toggle switch with a mode changing buttonProduct includes:1 x Control unit1 x on/off toggle with mode selector8 x LED housingSPECS:Dimensions: 55mm ( wide ) x 15mm ( height ) x 30mm ( depth )Wire lengths:Housing to control unit: 42″Control unit to power source: 42″control unit to switch: 9 ft
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