40W LED Headlight - 3 Sided (Pair)


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  • Our new 40W LED headlights are designed to not only be super bright, they are designed to last. Our new lamps are brighter than HID headlights and can definitely outlast them! No need for an expensive installation here, these are plug in play. We have changed the design to a three sided base and added another COB LED to provide a full 360° of light. These are the brightest headlight replacement bulbs on the market made with the highest quality products available!

    • 40 Watts 3600LM /ea
    • 6000K = Pure White in Color
    • Single & Dual beam
    • Imported (European) Custom COB LED's
    • Input 8V~18VDC
    • 30,000 hours + expected life-span
    • Machined Aluminum & Internally Fan Cooled - Excellent Heat Dissipation
    • Plug-in Play Installation
    • Anti-glare 360° design equals better light pattern output
    • Perfect Beam Pattern - Every time
    • Certification: CE, SAE
    • DOT Compliant - 50 State Legal
    • Sold by the Pair
    • Solid aluminum base delivers a shockproof rating for maximum durability
    • Constant current CPU and EMC anti-interference design for stable operation
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