24V Neon Flex Mini - RGB Color Changing Waterproof Flexible Light Strip


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  • Neon Flex Mini with IP68 polyurethane coating has a cross section of
    6mm*12mm (W*H) and 3-side emitting. It can be cut at any cutting mark (42mm
    each) and a maximum length is up to 34 ft if powered from one end (64 ft if powered from both ends). This high output dot free light will bring
    the awards for your projects.

    • Continuous Glow = No Dot Dot Dot
    • Very flexible, can easily be curved
    • Extremely luminous, with wide viewing angle
    • Power Input - 24V DC
    • Long lifespan expectancy of 50,000 hours
    • Controlled via RGB Controller (multi color, fade, flash, strobe, dimmer, etc)
    • Custom sizes available
    • We will gladly bid your project - please contact us
  • Specifications:

    • Light Color RGB (MULTI-COLOR)
    • A controller is required to change colors (sold separately)
    • IP68 waterproof
    • Black Insulated Power cord included 
    • 24 Volts DC input 
    • *NOTE - Over-voltage will permanently damage the light strip
    • Length: varies
    • Width: 
    • Height: 
    • Cuttable in segments. 
    • UL Rated (rating is lost if cut or modified) & RoHS
    • 50,000 hours expected lifetime
    • Extremely Durable


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