22W LED Headlight Conversion Kit (Pair)

PlashLights LLC.


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  • 22W LED Headlight Bulbs are both DOT and Energy stay compliant. See the clear difference in an LED headlight vs. a Halogen headlight bulb.  The 22W LED Bulb plugs directly into the factory socket, you do not need a relay harness with this LED BulbY.  ou can expect to get over 30,000 hours of life from the 22W bulb.  If color temperature is your trigger, then you’ll be happy to know that the 22W bulb has a 5,000k color temp (cool white).  These LED Headlight Bulbs have an integrated fan for cooling and a power output of 22 watts on low beam and 30 watts on high beam.  Voltage on these LED bulbs are DC10V-DC32V.  Lumens: 2000LM for Low beam 2600LM for High Beam.  Our Headlight bulb is constructed from die cast aluminum.  You’re getting an energy savings of 80% over a halogen bulb and the image below shows you the quality in the light you’re going to enjoy.  Sold as a Pair

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