Extended Light Bar Mount - .750" Longer - .250" Slot


    • This 3/4" extended mount is for PlashLights end mount LED light bars with 6mm or 1/4" fastener diameter. 
    • Requires 2 per light bar. 
    • 6mm / 1/4" slot on L bracket can position your end mount light bar between 2.45" and 3.55" from the leading edge of the mounting bar to the center of the mounting screw. 
    • These adjustable LED light bar mounting clamps are an excellent way to mount your PlashLights XX-Series and single row series light bars to your roll cage. 
    • These pivoting clamps will allow you to mount up to a 50” light bar to your cage even if the cage does not run parallel to the light bar. 
    • A simple solution for mounting on bumpers, wakeboard tower, SXS's, UTV's, 4-Wheelers, lawnmowers, Burn Bars or T-Top's. 
    • Available in Bright Black Anodized and Bright Clear Anodized Finish
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