RGB LED Amplifier-12A


  • Increases the load capability and extends the signal of the universal RGB controllers.  Required if exceeding the maximum load capability of any universal RGB controller.  Caution:

    1. There are 2 ways to input the power to the amplifier:

    A) With 5.5 x 2.1 mm DC plug 12V power supply;
    B) with bare wire 12V power supply.

    You can only chose one type of power input, not both in the same time.

    2. Not suitable for Common Cathod type RGB LED Strips.

    3. Not suitable for Chasing type LED RGB strips.


    • To get a stable color from RGB LED lights when connecting multiple long sections together.
    • Keeps consistency of RGB strip colors after connecting one more sets of strips.
    • Perfect for construction projects
    • Voltage: 12V-Output: 3 channels
    • Working current: 12A-Power consumption: 144W/12V
  • no specs
  • no dimensions
  • no video loaded

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